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Recently I finished a posting on the "21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card" threads. My chosen card for the last portion of my studies there was the Hermit. The Fey Hermit is quite different from many other Hermit cards --- as are many of the other Fey cards.

What I had noted relative to the exercises done there was that the Hermit was looking/exploring within a confined area that offered little of use. Yet within sight of all of those inner stairways were a number of doors --- each of which might lead to almost anything that offered more to explore, more answers and more questions. The message of this card was not the inner searching of ground well covered or an area which offered little that was fruitful, but the decision to make a decision or a choice, any choice so as to bring much that was new into your life. Newness and discovery can't often be chosen but must be entered into with openness and curiosity.

Unlike the Waite-Smith card wherein the Hermit is either looking in barren places, seeking solitude, or acting as a beacon for others to find, the Fey Hermit is about being at the cusp of having to make a decision in order to actually make progress, to break out of his limitations without expectations.

What do other Fey Tarot users think of this card? Dave
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