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The Hierophant

So just in time for Easter I guess, here is the Hierophant.

Now I want to ask those of you who look to comment. Please please don't just click and go away - post your comments. If it isn't your cup of tea say so, (it's okay, I understand!) but preferably with suggestions.

The reason I ask is I have a dilemma. I want to finish this deck, at least as a majors only but ideally as all 78. I'm questioning if this is what anyone besides me wants. This is a project *I* want to do, but if no one else is interested, then while I still may do it I want to know who I am creating it for, just me or anyone else. My time in this life is short.

Lately I am so drawn to restarting my oil painting practice so I wonder where my time is best spent. I have always (for years at least) wanted to make a deck with oils, but I always thought that was such a big time commitment so I put it off. But what I have realized is that each of the cards in Tarot M so far have taken as much time as an oil painting, between the drawing and the inking and the stippling and shading, then the painting and glazing. In the same amount of time, I could execute a substantial oil painting, with a much more "painterly" look, which seems to garner more respect even though the time commitment is similar.

In an ideal world, I could do both, and eventually I hope to and desperately want to. I have so many ideas! It's killing me how many, and most of them likely won't see the light of day. The reality is, I have a full time job that drains the everliving shit out of me, so my art time is limited to after hours, which are as some of you with jobs that are not ideal anyway know the time of day in which your energy is hard to muster. And I am fully aware of how many years in this life I (will be fortunate enough to) have left.

So, the first link is to just the Hierophant, if you have seen the other cards. The second link shows all the cards of Tarot M to date.

What I am most wondering is if I should continue this series, or postpone it in favor of a more artistic one in oils, or do one then the other or just work on both simultaneously knowing they both take oh so long. What I am not willing to do is just cull paintings from my stash and assign them to tarot meanings, to me this seems inauthentic and I want the cards to be at least moodwise identifiable even without titles.

So this *might* be the last card in this series I post, at least for a while. While I may still finish the deck, I figure why post them all ahead of time, I'm just giving away all my creative ideas, and so far this deck I think has some unique ones.

just the Hierophant, he is a Tibetan master:

all cards to date in this series:
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