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Originally Posted by laura_borealis View Post
I usually have trouble with Hierophants. This one, I like.

The Thoth influence is good. I like the vau-nails. I noticed that he actually IS encompassed in a hexagram, like Crowley says his is, even though it's clear that Lady Harris painted a pentagram. I like how you put the four Kerubic Beasts on the pillars -- that works for me.

I REALLY like that he's a human-looking figure, not a (forgive me, Frieda) empty-eyed, soulless, creepy-looking Babylonian priest. The Thoth Hierophant is really a little horrifying to me. He looks dead and his little smile repels me and I can't find any wisdom in him at all. Yours looks like he has wisdom in spades.

Of the cards you've done so far, this and the Priestess are my favorites.

On the side of criticism, though... he doesn't look like any Tibetan person I've ever met. And I've met a lot. The town where I used to live had two Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. I used to see the monks all the time. It's really fun to walk into a shoe store and find a group of monks in their saffron and crimson robes, all trying on sneakers. But I digress.

At the risk of sounding like an ass -- if you wanted to paint a Tibetan master, why make him a white guy? I DO know there have been white Buddhist masters, even in the Tibetan tradition, but given the fight for Tibetan freedom and so on, it seems really odd to me to choose a white man to represent an Asian tradition.

You may have a great explanation for it and I'm all ears. But I bet I won't be the only person that wonders.
Hi Laura!

He actually isn't a white guy (I think), but I guess my artistic skills didn't work out so well. His agedness, white hair and relatively light skin I guess look pretty white.

My "model" was based Khordong Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche (try saying or spelling that 3 times fast, lol!)

You can read about him here and see a picture of him too: and also here:

The monastery/lineage is in Tibet, and he was born there so without knowing his geneology I assumed he was Tibetan.
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