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You're not wrong...however....

Originally Posted by Lonely Path View Post
In the DM he makes the person outside the church a prostitute, which I think is a little politicizing.
Well, it is "deviant." First, you're wrong to think that being down-on-your-luck and prostitution don't go hand-in-hand. They do and not just a woman selling herself. Consider a singer who must put out his hat and sing on a corner for change or a famous writer willing to write up anything for anyone--cheap pornography even--because no one is hiring and he needs to make the rent. Is that not prostituting oneself? And what do you think all those poor women in times past did when they had no shelter, no food, no clothes? What did they have to sell but themselves? If the situation is desperate enough, we will all prostitute ourselves.

And the painful irony/hypocrisy of that state is that institutionalized morality (a church say) will condemn the prostitute before it condemns the circumstances that made this the woman's only alternative. This leaves the woman not only without pride, but an outsider.

Which is all to say, the card is actually apt in its image. That doesn't mean you have to like it, nor that your objections are wrong. Just that it's not off target. This is the card of social ostracism, of extreme circumstances that often poses hard choices between physical hardship that maintains personal mores and comfort that requires one surrender to social mores. During the Irish Potato famine, may Catholic parents had to decide whether to hand their kids over to Protestant orphanages where the kids would eat, but be raised Protestant. Isn't bowing to certain social mores, however objectionable they are to you, in order to eat a form of spiritual prostitution? One that might be worse on than mere physical prostitution which at least leaves one's soul untouched?
2.) ...the DM basically falls back on a stereotype that was used for years to keep women in abusive relationships because if she complained/fought back she was being a "shrew".
Again, your objections are not wrong. I have many decks and I'd say that each one has a problematic card or two. Those that rub me the wrong way too much I don't buy. If, however, you're looking for a way to rationalize this one, then you need to see the "shrew" as metaphorical, not literal.

5/Cups is the card of regrets. Which means it's the card with that little "shrew" inside of you that berates you for all you've done wrong, for how badly you messed up. We've all been nagged by such a person, male and female, parent or spouse or employer. And the message of that card is usually that you shouldn't beat yourself up so much. You haven't lost as much, or done as much damage as you think you have--as that little nagging voice says you have. If you can see the card that way, rather than as a stereotype of the nagging woman, you might be able to live with it.
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