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RWS Details Alphabet Game, The Hanged Man

Please take care to read all of the instructions, below, before posting as this is not your usual "keyword" game!

This is a completely different version of the ongoing RWS and Lenormand Alphabet games. We will be using the standard 78-card Rider-Waite tarot deck, but....

Note: Instead of using keywords, we will ONLY be looking, closely, at the actual artwork for details you may notice----no matter how small in its illustrations!

  1. The trick is that your descriptive phrases and words (no simple "keywords", please) should be added in alphabetical order, from A to W. After W, the cycle begins again with A.
  2. Please omit theses letters in the game: J, Q, X, Y, or Z and skip to the next letter in the alphabet
    if you can't think of anything.
  3. Try to create phrases in a series of beginning letters to claim more than one letter in your post, i.e. "All busy-bodies" Would take both A and B slots.
  4. Finally, if no one has replied to your response in one week, feel free to jump-start the Thread.

Twelfth Major is The Hanged Man:

Accented Blonde Coiffure

(Next letter D)

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If I'm bending the rules too much, just say so...
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I think we need to, to make this doable. As long as the replies are centered around the artwork, it's cool.
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... J's are going to be tricky... Perhaps they should be added to the "skip list"
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I was thinking the same thing...
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