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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
yes, more than sad - a tragedy. The 'sadness' suggested here though, may not be wholy due to that ... its sad that this would colour the reading. Its sad that this damage colours peoples lives and the interpretation people give on things.

10 years ago I could have given a little girl a bunch of flowers, or taken photos of the 3 little boys I had the pleasure of looking after , playing in the river.

I wouldnt do things like that now. I just hope that such negative things dont start attaching to meanings of tarot cards, all over the place.

If we gave a RW deck to kids in Manus Island detention ... I wonder what they would tell us about 'image association' ?
Aahhh... I've just realised...
Ravenest, there's another way of doing a tarot reading which, to put it simply, is more interactive. The 'reader' offers a framework within which the querent can explore their own interpretation. As such, when the reader indicates that the card concerns matters of memory, a querent who has experienced childhood abuse may react accordingly. I would say its important that the reader isn't shocked by this response... and hence, why its important to explore the range of possible 'meanings'.

Like you, I would be appalled if a reader was to pronounce upon laying down the 6 of Cups... "Aaah... I see you were abused as a child"... or similar.
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