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Originally Posted by GlitterNova View Post
You might be the first one in this thread to have the clarity to say 'well maybe the card just doesn't represent the meaning very well', which is similar to how I feel as well.
What is the meaning which should have been illustrated? Are you merely suggesting that the disporting children shouldn't have looked so much like dwarfs? Personally, I like the elements in Pixie's cards that make us question our assumptions about it. And who knows what information Waite gave Pixie, since he was well read in all the earlier written Tarot works. It's obvious when reading his book that he's not giving all the meanings of the cards, but just a suggestion, a hint, for those who want or need it.

Elements from the following sources can be discerned in various places in Waite's book, PKT. Here's what they have to say about the Six of Cups:

Etteilla 1783-7 & in Papus 1909:
"The past. Previously, formerly, anteriorly. Withered. Old age, decrepitude, antiquity. Rx: Future, after, then, subsequently, later. Regeneration, resurrection, renewal."

Mathers 1888:
"The past, passed by, faded, vanished, disappeared - [as] indicated by previous cards. Rx: The future, that which is to come, shortly, soon."

Golden Dawn 1890s:
"Pleasure. Happiness. Fulfillment of wishs. Emotional success. Bring to pass what is wished. Sensual pleasure. Enervating breeding corruption. Vanity."

Papus 1889:
"The obstacles triumph. Love destroyed in the midst of happiness. Widowhood."

Saint-Germain 1901:
"Indecision in love affairs. Poor choices through not listening to your heart or conscience. Divorce or intrigues outside of wedlock."

Eudes Picard 1909:
Indecision in love affair. Scruples, indecision of heart about a marriage."

Chambers 1864 (a playing card source for much of Waite's material on the Minors):
"Honorable courtship."

Waite as Grand Orient:
"A generous but credulous person."
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