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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
I'm sorry to hear your news on the exam

I think the reading was me trying to clutch at straws

Three late ascendants should have called an end to the process but I chose to take it as a descriptor of the nearness of your results. I did put in the warning that things might already have been decided at the time of the reading, which renders it of no significance. But I should have given more weight to that than I did.
Thank you for following up.

Am I just unlucky with charts due to my planet placement in my birthchart? Every time an astrologer reads for me (ok, it's been you 3x and my aunt once) it seems Saturn gets in the way or the chart isn't reliable due to some lack of connection. I laughed with my aunt last spring, when Saturn plopped down in my 1st or 7th house (can't recall) in her reading. I told her I was so sorry that Saturn seems to cloud the readings and she said it wasn't my fault. I told her she's not the only one who gets Saturn messing with my chart.
Again, I'm so sorry that I'm taking up your time in charting and yielding these weird charts. Do you think it's just my birthdate and time that cloud up my charts?
Again, very grateful for all your energy and efforts. Much appreciated
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