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Originally Posted by Enlightenment23 View Post
I have. But I'm very confused. I asked if I would be getting a package that I ordered (some nice clothes) today, and I got V (Victory in some endeavor). You'd think that this is a clear yes, but I got nada in the mail today.

What do you think went wrong here?
I am guessing it's the phrase some endeavors which could have made the answer maybe. Best guess.

Alternatively this deck may not be good with yes/no question.

I practice it on past stuff or stuff I knew coming up and it made sense. I practice some questions on a friend I know...and she liked it so much she told me she ordered it lol.

One question that was asked to me one of the cards didn't make sense. But, when I sat on it and with some knowledge of the situation I was able to deduce what the one card may mean.
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