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Poll: Your Favorite Arthur Rackham Oracle Back Design

UPDATE: I was going to make this a poll but I happened to shut down the page before I was done ... I'll see if I can fix it, but I'm not sure it's possible. In other case, I'd appreciate it if you just stated the letter of your favorite back in a post. Sorry about that!

UDATE 2: Nope, not possible. I'm such a klutz.

Firstly, sorry for my current Tarot/Oracle back design obsession (I just posted a thread about Tarot backs in the Tarot section)

However, I came across the Arthur Rackham Oracle on Etsy and my purchase craving is giving me a struggle. The other issue is that if I'd choose to buy this Oracle Deck I'd have no clue which back design I would select, since I think most of them look gorgeous.

So, I thought: Why not start a poll and hope that people could help me choose!

Either I'll by this one or The Fountain Tarot, I haven't made up my mind, but nevertheless ... Aren't all of them delightful? Which one is your favorite?
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