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Originally Posted by zhadee View Post
I am no big fan about this question.
What do I think about a person I have not seen for a while? Yesterday, I did not think of them at all. But now that I've seen that movie/heard that song/eaten that pizza and so on, they are on my mind.
Had somebody asked about me thoughts yesterday, they would have received a completely different answer than today. But seriously, just because I think of them, it does not necessarily mean I will do something about them.

I sort of understand this, but I was asking in a divination way. It was actually accurate for me. I think if a reader has issues with reading certain questions then that may interfere in actually getting the divination of what a situation will do.

I'm going to update my readings and how they actually played out. To my utter surprise.. they were correct. I wasn't surprised that they were correct.. I was surprised they were with a system that I don't completely understand. I also don't have a problem on reading anything for divination, so that is why I probably get answers on what someone is feeling/going to do. It is current energies and everyone has freewill. If you ask a specific question you should get a specific answer.. at least that is what happens in my case. I hate doing general readings and just don't feel like I can give those. I'm sure that does affect my ability to do such readings. lol I think that is why I am asking questions with Lenormand even though it says you don't need a question. My hang ups are preventing me from doing what I want as I believe I can't or shouldn't do them. I am hoping to change that, so with the new lenormand book coming.. I hope I relax and can do the readings without a question.

For now, that is how I can connect to a card and see 'what' it means in my readings. I am floored that it worked and I actually got the messages correct. Though now I know that letter can mean a "phone invitation" not just something paper. So, now I see any type of invitation or message. I'm sure it will add more layers/meanings as I continue to do lenormand readings and work with the cards.

Originally Posted by zhadee View Post
Now what to make of any card? The way you read your cards reflects your personality. Choose a school that resonates with your truth. Choose a teacher who resonates with you. MIne had been Iris Treppner's book, after a few years I then found Lilith's method more in sync with me. I've been very active on a german forum, discussing meanings back then helped me most of all.
Now that I have access to english and french sources, I keep adding new layers.
Thank you for this advice! I couldn't find the book that you were referring to but I found Rana George. I ordered her book and I am hoping that it is what I am looking for. I think I may get Andy B's book next.

Originally Posted by zhadee View Post
These are your cards, they help you to reflect a matter. If you want to send somebody a message, Lenormand will help you to find out if that is a good idea. From my experience, no card is either good or bad.
They are symbols, and thus endlessly versatile. It's you who give them the meaning. So sending or not sending that message, receiving or not receiving a message - there's a lesson in each one of these scenarios.
That is a great idea also! I always feel like I have to ask them something specific. I think I am doing that because I am trying to see what they mean in any situation. I think getting the first Lenormand book will help me. This is the first time ever that I have tried to read this system. It was so overwhelming but doing the practice 'fortune telling" readings are helping. lol

I will update my readings with what happened in a new post or do it on the post I asked the questions. Practice definitely helps you connect and feel more comfortable with doing readings and understanding the cards.

Thanks so much for your help love!! You are always such a sweet and supportive person! {{{BIG HUGS}}

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