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Airbound Earthen Fey

My Element is AIR
* I used the suits to help determine my element. Because I have a few decks that place fire with swords, and I can read either kind of deck, I thought about the Element of Fire.

Knave of Pentacles-
Air is easy to find in this card. It practically dominates this earth card. The fey sits upon an aerodynamic disc and floats through the air. There is nothing around the fey- just air. There is a shadow, something that exists without having an actual physical form, like it is made out of air. The shadow moves and changes effortlessly, sometimes shaped in a recognizable manner, and sometimes not, depending upon the posture of that which casts the shadow.

SHADOW- unrestrained, echo, grey
AERODYNAMIC- cutting, smooth, lift
FLOATS- drifting, breeze, light (weight)
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