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I'm with others who say this deck really spoke to them.

I'd collected decks for a first deck was the Winged Spirit Tarot because I thought the majors were very beautiful. But I just couldn't get into reading it- the minors never felt comfortable to me and I never got away from the LWB. I was young and assumed I just wasn't good at Tarot and gave up.

But now I have renewed interested, and recently comitted myself to finding a deck that I could love, even if I had to go through a few not so hot blind dates, so to speak, first.

I loved the vibrant colors of this deck right away, but wasn't totally swept away by it at first. My eyes were definetely hooked but my heart wasn't just yet. I worked with this deck for two days, just shuffling, looking, thinking, and I fell madly in love. I don't want a day to go by that I don't stare into a card from this deck. I hear it call to me. The images are so beautiful that, when I look at one long enough, I feel that I would love to live in that place for a little while, like stepping through the looking glass.

The first card I saw that made me want to try this deck was the 9 of Swords. I'm really not sure why, because it isn't usually a card I really think about. But I think the woman in it is very beautiful, and she is drawn with such movement about her. I swear I can see her hair still waving from having sat up suddenly, and I can see her breathing quickly from her intense dream. I love the owl that looks at her underneath the moon. It is as though she will notice him in a moment, and his eyes will say to her, "I know what it is you have dreamed."
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