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Originally Posted by claire1805 View Post
Thank you, darkmage!

I will try to find some playing card decks from my vicinity instead. I never own playing cards before so I am not sure what to expect. After what gregory has said, maybe I shouldn't get decks with images that will distract.

I would like a deck that has good aesthetics though :-)
Most playing card decks will be virtually identical except for the backs. Unlike Tarot, where the face of the card is everything, playing card novelty is on the backs of the cards. That's changing as more decks become available and more people collect.

I'd start off with just a drugstore deck. If that works well for you, branch out into the novelty decks. If you have a used bookstore near you, check the bins there. I've gotten lovely playing card decks for less than a dollar.

If you're in Eastern Europe, traditional cards there consist of a deck of 36, not 52 or 54 like in the US, and have suits of Hearts, Bells, Acorns, and Leaves. I need to pick up a deck or two as they're cheap enough on Ebay. Spanish cards, or Naipes, are different as well. They have the standard Tarot suits but only pips 1-7, with Courts of King, Knight, and Knave. You can find those by looking around on places like Ebay and Amazon, too.

But for traditional playing cards, you can't go wrong with a basic Bicycle deck from the drugstore. It'll set you back less than $5.
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