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Originally Posted by Darkmage View Post
Theory 11 does a lot of neat playing card decks. I like their black and white Artisan decks. Here, USPCC distributes them, and so a good percentage are sold under the Bicycle brand. Check out their Archangels deck, it's quite pretty. I find a lot of them for cheap at Barnes and Noble, esp. when they have coupons.

The Aristocrats decks are ones I've been meaning to pick up for a while but just haven't felt like ordering. I think you'll like them, though.

Happy collecting!
Thank you Darkmage! :-) I will look up their Archangel decks. I hope I don't go into a buying frenzy.

I am happy that I have managed to find a local online distributor of US playing cards as I live in Asia. Shipping at places like Kickstarter or Theory 11 will cost me around $15, more than the price of the deck itself!

I will let you know how I think of the Aristocrat Vintage (how fine it sounds). I am neutral about the backs though but we will see when it arrives :-)
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