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Sweet Twilight-Ace of Chalices

The cards themselves say "Chalices" but the LWB calls these "Cups".. Hm..

Anyway, this card is an interesting version of the Ace of Cups. I have never seen an Ace of Cups/Chalices that would not be a happy and hopeful one and I must confess that this card is a little disturbing. I am sure, like someone said earlier, that the pink/amethyst dove does bring hope, though. It is small and beautiful and clearly concerned that the girl is crying. (The LWB says it is not bringing any hope).

The sea is not very turbulent and there is a nice breeze and maybe the sun is about to rise in the horizon. There is hope and beauty everywhere. The girl in the chalice is sad but is it because she is looking backwards, to the past? She doesn´t seem to notice the dove yet. The skull gives a nice whimsical touch to this card. What do you think it could mean? Bottles with skulls on them usually mean that the liquid inside is poisonous. And sure enough, the girl is crying and her legs have turned all red! I´m really curious to hear what you think about this card?
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