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Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
One things that happen to me with the Sweet Twilight is that I find difficulty to decontestualize the cards.
It is SO hard to pin an interpretation/framing on a single card, as it is so easy to find the meaning when you associate the card to a question or to a position. Looking at any card cold, let me as if unable to read, unable to find the correct focus.
I've noticed the same thing. Some of the cards seem meaningless to me until they come up in a reading.

As for the Ace of chalices here if Aces are beginnings and chalices are emotions(or creativity or whatever) then this card makes sense in that maybe the girl has had a turbulent past(the stormy sea) but is finally beginning to open back up (bird) but isn't quite ready so it's tenuous (she's not looking at the bird)

She didn't look like she was crying to me but I think that makes sense too. As for what the LWB says, maybe because it's because hope comes from within? I think the LWB is a hindrance sometimes more than a help.
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