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Sweet Twilight! Pleased to see the study group up and running.

I don't see it as a sad card at all: I see it as an honest card. The start of any creative endeavor or any relationship is the start of a labour of love. Both these things are a heart-opening; and when your heart is open, you're vulnerable. Vulnerable to wonder, to awe, to peace, to connection, to fulfillment; vulnerable to pain, to failure, to rejection, to hopelessness, to despair. Of course you focus on the former when you plunge into the project and you allow hope to be your beacon, your guide. But in this twilight world, the double-edged truth is visible at the same time. That's the beauty and the power of twilight. Opposites co-exist.

So she may be rising, or she may be about to plunge back into the water. She's taking the risk because she thinks the benefits of opening her heart are worth it: the dove reminds her of the beauty of choice, of the peace that comes with choosing knowingly. And she is choosing knowingly: her transparent dress shows that she has no illusions, that dreams aren't choking her.
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