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Fairytale Tarot; The Magician

The faery Magician of The Fairytale Tarot is disguised as a lank,grey beggarman who wins the own self of the storyteller of the King of Leinster in a game of dice. He then brings the storyteller to invisible witness the tricks; funny,exciting, and cruel, that he plays on Red Hugh O´Donnell and his sons. At last he makes all well again, and brings the storyteller to the King of Leinster, where he manages to get two men hanged instead of himself. He then brings the men back to life.

He then restores everything he won from the storyteller, and reveals that he is the storyteller´s old friend, and did it all to get the storyteller a story fit to tell the King of Leinster; the storyteller being unable to think of a story that day.The King is delighted with the story, and never wants to hear another one but that of the Lank, Grey Beggarman.

On the picture is the lank,grey beggarman, about to play his most amazing trick. He tosses a ball of silk up into the air. A dog and the storyteller transformed into a hare watches. The beggarman has his sword unsheated,shoes full of water,his ears stuck through his old hat, and he carries a wand of holly. The scene is set outside of the castle of Red Hugh O´Donnell.

This Magician is very faery. He likes the upsetting, surprising and fantastic. What are your thoughts on him?
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