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I thought that this was a marvellous story to explain the symbolism of the Magician. After the king hangs the beggarman the first time and the beggarman returns to life, the king doesn't bother to try again. He lets him go. The Magician can be thrilling and compelling to watch and observe. But he can also exhaust you! Even at his worst, it's difficult not to like this charming persona. He can drive you near madness, as he probably did to our storyteller, and then turn around, chuckle, and tell you that it's all just a joke. Despite everything, as soon as he flashes that winning smile, you cannot help but laugh along with him. He has a great way of making us laugh at ourselves and take ourselves less seriously. He's the class clown that utterly exasperates his teacher but when no one else is looking she has to bite her lip to stifle a giggle at his antics.

Another aspect of this archetype shown in the card is the Magician's strength and force of will. He is very much in control when performing his tricks and feats and is, in many ways, a force to be reckoned with.
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