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Originally Posted by Logiatrix
You make some good points, DI, but there are number of reasons why a reader would refuse a client such as is expressed in the original post. That it is "ego" is awfully narrow and assumptive.
That's your point of view and you're entitled to it . Maybe I can put it better this way for some of you if I let the Asian guide step in :

In your honored position as spiritual helper to the seeker who comes to you for whatever reason , meet them where they are . Do not expect them to praise you , to gratify you , to conform to your expectations . Open your heart to this being and feel what they feel in the moment . Honor their fears , their concerns as you would a lost child or a sad friend. Put them at ease in whatever way you can and put aside your concerns for yourself . Open yourself to the higher energies and trust that what you will be given is what they may need to hear in that moment to make a difference or give them a hint of the hope or guidance they need . If the focus is on the self , this cannot be accomplished well . If they reject you , if they do not see your points or your talents , or if they are too much wounded or of the hardened skeptic mind to be able to embrace something different , simply release the reading and any negative feelings it may engender in you . Know that you have done your task in the highest and best way and seek no more than that . All else is simply unnecessary drama.
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