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Temperance on the Lurianic Tree of Life

The more I Study and work with this deck, the more I am convinced that Norbert Losche was familiar with and used The Lurianic Tree for his deck.

Originally Posted by Norbert Losche
In our times the search for transcendent meaning and self-redemption has replaced the old mystical religions of a distant god.
This is why all others (common models) didn't work with this deck.

I found another Link / Key that that coincides with my connection that this deck is based on the Lurianic Tree of Life.

The Temperance - she is on Path (Tiphereth - Hod)

The Cloud is in the shape of the path (Diagonal) With (Tipheret) at the top of head.

The crown she wears has the sun symbol (Tipheret)

Arms are also in a (diagonal) position as the path she is on.

Heron/Crane - same as The Star, The Star stand above her on path (Geburah - Tipheret)

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