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Death - Netzach - Yesod

here again another confirmation, This is so wicked. The Cosmic Tarot seriously deepens with the Lunianic Tree of Life. I'm plunging in deep, and working on my poster of the Tree as go. Good thing I purchased two poster boards, I'll be needing it.

The Death Card sits between (Netzach and Yesod)

The image depicts this position on the tree, the more I examine the cards, the more I see.

Look at the Deaths Scythe more specific it's blade. On one end you see a Flag/ribbon this is (Netzach) then the blade is on a diagonal, at the Tip their is a crow/raven, this is (Yesod), Yesod's planet is Moon, so the raven/crow is a match. The Flag/ribbon is also a match to Netzach - Victory & Triumph.

What's also interesting is that the clue to the Lunianic Tree are right before your eyes, as the older mystic always said, "only those who have knowledge will understand". Hidden in plain sight.

Originally Posted by Nobert Losche - Cosmic Tarot LWB
The skeleton stands on a plain, together with his scythe and a black bird. Behind him, the rising sun
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