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Wild, But Cunning

The first time I pulled Luahas' card, I thought I knew right away what he represented. When I pulled out the book to compare my interpretation with it, I was surprised to see how different they were. In general, my understanding of the cards tended to match that of the book's, but not this time. I have since learned to see the aspects of him that Jessica and Brian noted, but I still see him as more of a cunning challenger than a blind speedster, so I'd like to share what I think of Luathas and find out if these insights into his character are shared by anyone else, of if Luathas is putting on a show for me.

The book says Luathas is impatient, reckless, and full of energy, but when I look at him, he smiles and whispers 'that is the Rarr, I am more cunning than you think.' He is wild, yes, and fast, but his speed is calculated. He knows exactly what he is doing, even when he doesn't know where he's going. He is always two steps (or more) ahead of everyone else, darting this way and that, but when patience or stealth are called for, he knows it, and can slow down enough to do what needs to be done. He is cocky, with his little sideways grin, because he can see the checkmate coming a mile away. His favorite words, from what I can tell, are not 'hurry hurry hurry' but rather 'I dare you.' I don't see him as a child, pulling on your hair and all but begging you to get a move on, but more like a cocky teenager, learning the limits. Luathas challenges us to test the limits, too, of life, of love, and of ourselves.

Applied to what has already been said in this thread, absolutely I agree his message to you, Castlerock, was 'go for it' because you didn't think it was something you could do. I hope Luathas prooved to you that you could.

I think there is also significance in that he is all green. Not blue, like the Rarr, which is a faster wavelength in the colour spectrum.

Any other thoughts on Luathas? I'm really curious to know.
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