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The goddess at the top is Hathor (when depicted in her human form, she wears a sun disk between cow horns over her head), the falcon is her husband Horus. The card depicts “The House or Mansion of Horus”, which can mean the sky (where Horus the eagle lives), it can mean the descendents of Horus, and it can also mean Hathor herself, who, as “The House of Horus”, is a metaphor for the earthly realm, which makes her the mother to the world.

Hathor has many identities and aspects, from Mother to Destroyer, from Nurturer to Great Beauty and Patron of the Arts. She was mostly honoured and worshipped for her devotion to all the things in the world that bring joy and uplift the human spirit, and her nurturing love for the people. She also represents fertility, of the people and of the land (role as mother to the world).

I see the two towers symbolize the duality of human nature and the struggle inherent in us, with Horus and Hathor overseeing the realm of the people below. This card somehow relates to Justice, as Hathor is also supposed to have begotten the lineage of the Pharaohs, and was the origin or upholder of Maat (right living).

There's something between the two towers that I can't make out. Its just to the right of the base of the white tower. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?
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