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XII. The Hanging Cat
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XII. The Hanging Cat

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Only a week behind!

Hi, friends. I'm determined to see this study through, even if a little late some weeks, so here we go!

Step 10, Book Meanings for the LS Manga 4 of Wands

I looked up meanings in the LWB by Riccardo, Book T, Waite, Mathers, Thierens, Crowley, Bunning, and Thirteen's Meanings. (All except the LWB are available online, so I obsessively cut and pasted the 4 fo Wands meanings into one doc, which is attached.) (Waite, Mathers, Thierens, Papus, and Ouspensky are available on

The question, as always, is "What do I need to look at in my life today?" These book meanings "jumped out" at me:

Present, fleeting moment
Venus in Aries
Harmony, peace
Union, happiness, marriage
Family, home, cosiness, house, strong and solid
Observing a special time, taking part in a rite
Opening to new possibilities
Feel the joy of living
Break the bonds

Summary: Continuing on my self-improvement project, I realize that true awareness of the present moment, wonderful moment is THE most important thing to do. Everything else follows on to that. (I am a follower of Thich Nhat Hanh. One of his books of basic teachings is entitled "Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.")

I have said I am interested in improving my relationship skills, so I was interested to see Venus in Aries. According to Jan Spiller's "Spiritual Astrology," I'm supposed to be leaving my Aries attributes behind (breaking bonds) and focusing on developing Libra qualities (balance). Which are all about relationships (Venus)!

Our house is currently under renovation (again!), and I need to deal with it without stressing out. Soon it will be strong and solid -- and cosy.

Taking part in a rite at a special occasion: To boost my self-improvement drive, I'm thinking of following another Jan Spiller book, "New Moon Astrology," which prescribes making wishes on each new moon.

Book Meanings that Match My Prior Meanings

Most of the book meanings match, such as: Celebration, special occasions, ceremonies, looking forward to something. Cheerfulness, happiness enjoyment. Gathering, concord, harmony, peace, tact and gentleness. Beauty, embellishment, grace. Theatrical arts, success, popularity, admiration. Completion of a thing built with trouble (the practice makes perfect thing), foundation, order, limitation, balance. Country life (nature).

Book Meanings that Don't Match My Prior Meanings

Some of these are pretty far out there: Memory, fantasy. Cleverness, reasoning. Vacilation, profanation (??). Insincerity, brooding and scheming.

These seem to be opposites: Unreliable, unsteady, anxious, hurried (opposite to practice and preparation). Change, unstable conditions. Freedom.

The excitement factor works within the celebration idea, but I would say going on to excitement itself, high spirits, surprise, spontaneous thrill doesn't really work with the number four.

These are closer to my prior meanings, but not actually touched on: Prosperity, advantage. Home, cosiness, repose, refuge. Law and government.

10.2. Question and Answer

Just one question!

Should I just chuck all this astrology-based self-improvement project, with nodes and moons and wishes, etc., and get down to the real deal--hard-core meditation and mindfulness practice 24/7?

Actually, I think the astrology angle is useful for focus. It's good to know what I should meditate ABOUT! It's not really a distraction to the spiritual life any more than anything else in life is a distraction. (An ongoing tarot study group, for example!) The wishing book even has sample wishes to improve ones meditation!

Self-awareness and being present in the moment will improve everything in life, most certainly relationships.

I had sneaked a peek at the LWB before, but today the few but lovely words for this card just JUMPED out at me! (Thanks, Riccardo!) And hey, I thought I just picked the PRETTIEST card for this study! More richness from this great study course!
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