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21 Ways - Step Six

Golden Tarot - Eight of Swords

6:1_1 Keywords expressing the qualities of the suits in my Golden Tarot deck:
Swords_ ideas, action, creativity, and decisiveness
Wands_ confidence, physical power, and self-reliance
Cups_ emotion and reflection
Coins_ practical skill and tangible accomplishment

6:1_2 Suit/Element keywords for my card - Eight of Swords:
Analysis, Assessment, Problem-solving, also Nervous and Alert

6:2_1 Mode Keywords:
Courts_ An aspect of personality, a way of relating to others.
Numbers_ Life events, actions.
Majors_ Lessons, archetypal energies, psycho-spiritual needs.
Aces_ New opportunities or elemental energy.

6:2_2 Mode keywords for my card:
Eight of Swords is a number card suggesting 'the situation and what’s going on'.
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