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This card came up in a reading I did for myself today, and I found its honesty bold and refreshing. I appreciate knowing that the situation isn't salvageable, and I welcomed the direct way the card communicated that to me. It doesn't mince words (or symbols). I don't want to add hope to this card -- I want it to speak without sugarcoating anything, and it does.

Climbing over the mountain through the dark forest is one way to escape the situation. But what isn't clearly shown is another way -- just turn around and walk in the opposite direction, away from the mountains (and the broken cups) on the flat land. We can take the hard way out (the mountains) and suffer in the process, or we can accept the situation, turn our back on it, and move on, away from challenge and struggle. The light that glows behind the mountains also glows in the same sky in the other direction, if we just turn around to see it.
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