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Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
Just to be clear, Seckler does switch the IV and XVII cards as per Crowley, but she also switches the attributions of the 32 Paths of Wisdom (These can be found tabulated in 777, table XIII.) and weaves it into her interpretation.

In my opinion switching the Path Intelligences is a step too far. Crowley envisioned a card swap, not a path swap. Correspondences that are clearly linked to a card should move with the card (astro signs, colours etc.), but path correspondences stay put and are reframed within the new interpretative matrix of the card.

Table XIII is one of those rare instances where the card swap makes no difference.
I did some thinking and reading on this. There has been so much discussion on the swap.
And much discussion and arguments on the origin of tarot and on the subject of correspondences. I got a little lost for a few days. I finally ended up on The Book of Thoth, page 10.

1. The origin of the Tarot is quite irrelevant, even if it were certain. It must stand or fall as a system on its own merits.
Sheese, why didn't I read that first?

2. It is beyond a doubt a deliberate attempt to represent, in pictorial forum, the doctrines of Qabalah.
It is beyond my doubt also, so I will skip point three.

4. These attributions are in one sense a conventional, symbolic map; such could be invented by some person or persons of great artistic imagination and ingenuity combined with almost unthinkable great scholarship and philosophical clarity.

5. Such persons, however eminent we may have suppose them to have been, are not quite capable of making a system so abstruse in it's entirety without the assistance of superiors who's mental process were, or are, pertaining to a higher dimension.
So I wouldn't mess with it. I can see why Crowley waited so long before he published his messing with it. I don't know what was going on in Seckler's mind, or how her work came about to be published, but I think you are right to point out the discrepancy here on a forum where people come to work these things out. I figure there is enough confusion as it is. At least on my part.

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