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Originally Posted by Master_Margarita
Speaking very broadly, you can read tarot with some nod to the conventional card meanings, or you can read tarot intuitively. The others on this thread have been asking what you feel is the source of the trouble you say you are having, and your answers seem to indicate you are having trouble reading intuitively (this isn't how you phrased it--just my words).
I think you are right... some of my trouble is trusting what I think and feel about a card. But I am also having a bit of technical difficulty, as in what some of the spread positions mean. As I've been studying this over the past year, every once in a while I have a huge light bulb moment and then it all makes sense for a card, or position or the relationship between two cards in positions. But I've been stuck on the ones I mentioned for a while. I think you have helped to clear up Osho CC #7&8. Now my only stumbling block in the spread is position 2.

I think that seeing an Osho Celtic Cross spread interpretation would help heaps. That is one thing I haven't seen from someone else's point of view. I've been in my own little box, poking around blindly trying to make sense of something I've never experienced... I've never had a tarot reading of anykind, so I'm really in the dark finding my own light.

...there are threads that you can read within this deck study that discuss each 79 of the Osho Zen cards, and you may find some insight there...
Yes, I have gone through most of them, and read the ones I'm having trouble with several times. The different points of view help me to look at different aspects of the card, but don't help in a reading sense for about 10 of the cards.

thanks for all your help, I appreciate your time.
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