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Originally Posted by Judy
What spreads would you recommend??
It's probably time I try a new one while working out the kinks in the CC.
I had a lot of fun using the "paradox" spread in the back of the book. You won't be able to see the examples I posted until you have 25 posts, so let me go see if I can cut-and-paste what I'm talking about.

Originally Posted by Master_Margarita
I'm intrigued by a spread described in the Osho Zen book. It is meant to be quick, I think, not deep and prolonged.

It goes like this:

1. This card will describe your here and now.
2. This card will identify past-life influences.
3. This card will provide insight into the paradox.
Here is an example of a reading:

Originally Posted by Master_Margarita
What your life is like in the here and now: Compromise (6 of Rainbows/Pentacles). This is a bad card in this deck. You are compromising your true beliefs, and this has you going down the wrong track in your life. Don't compromise instead of asking for help. Asking for help goes against the ego, and hence we try to compromise instead.

What is your past life influence: Participation (4 of Fire/Wands) Your past life was more auspicious, because you lived cooperatively and harmoniously with others. Because you asked for help, you didn't need to compromise.

The paradox: The Miser (4 of Rainbows/Pentacles) You are clinging to something, not necessarily material. Whatever you're holding on to, however, it is impeding your growth and your ability to live with others. If you can stop clinging to your ideals of ego, your image of yourself as too big and strong to ask for help, the paradox will be resolved and you can live happily in community as you have in the past. By grasping, you receive less. By opening up, you receive more.

Interesting to note: your reading is all minor arcana, mostly 4s--structure, stability, caution, playing it safe--and mostly Pentacles, grounded in the physical world. Think about it, stay in the present.
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