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Originally Posted by cirom
Well I won't pass on that comment otherwise she'll have me bringing her breakfast in bed for the next few days as she does her little Cleopatra routine. :-)

BTW she is also Temperance.
One thing I really like about your deck is that you use real people for the pictures and yet they're definitely illustrations, not photographs (at least not entirely). I've almost never seen such a smooth effect done with graphic art, no wonder you win awards.

And I agree that this card makes me think "I'll have some of what she's having," though not quite in those words. It's beyond simple sexuality, but a union...which I see in the spark (for lack of a better term) in the upper middle of the card. It's two people joining together to become one person, one's an artistic expression of a feeling I get inside sometimes when I'm with my fiance. I still haven't been able to put it into words, but this picture gets some of it.
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