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Originally Posted by room
It is so nice to see people assimilating and playing with ideas instead of arguing and bashing people over the head in a self-righteous parody of discussion.

I am just watching a program on BBC News about Thomas Heatherwicke, the UK designer. I am knocked over.

Why do people nitpick and harangue others when we can make things and play with ideas?

LB, I dislike doing conventional readings because I am so sick of being told what something means or that it isn't correct or "magical" to process something the way I do.

You have piqued my interest again by reading in this manner. I will make an effort to try it and question.
I whole-heartedly agree room. This thread has really warmed me. It is threads like this where our community really shines. We are working for the same cause; and together; helping one another and sharing information and experience. And it is threads like this that keep me returnng.

I completely understand what you mean about conventional reading. It took me a long time to get past what I thought I 'should' be doing and look at ways that I 'could' be doing. And now, my reading is a fusion of many different things. Some learnt from one place and others from gut instinct. And it feels right for me. I am very pleased to hear that it has also piqued your interest. I think that this method works well for anyone who has a lively imagination and enjoys story-telling, because it gives us great characters and plots, with a way of watching them unfold a little more clearly.

Thanks for your observation. It is lovely to note the lack of arguing in discussion and see people truely enjoying to play and try new stuff out.

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