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Thanks so much for sharing that with us room. It made very interesting reading [I will have to check out the deck - havn't heard of that one].

I think you wove the characters and elements through the cards well, and your reading buzzed with liveliness, it seemed to me. Sometimes, with single cards, they can seem a bit stagnent for me. They are 'there' and I get that 'what am I supposed to do with this' thought. But like your example shows, there are flowing sentences in the little trios, each an adventure in themselves. I thought that your comments on the cups court were interesting. I like how they both appeared together. Sitting behind the younger member of the court, maybe the older shows some support.

I understand what you mean about not always being able to relate courts to people in life. In that situation, I think there are times when the influence or past memories of people are available for teaching and learning in our cards, as well as those that are directly in the hear and now. The Father of Water does not necessarily have to be in the hear and now of the son's life, to be a strong influence. I am still influenced extremely by people I have known, but not seen for many years.

Thanks again. Will come back to this tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes, as it is 2:25am here and off to bed.

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