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Where is Frankie Albano?
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Where is Frankie Albano?

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The SUN from the Hanson-Roberts.

Keywords for the suits from appendix C:

- Wands
fire: creativity, inspiration, action
water: joy, visualisation (from the cups words as my book gives no options for water words in wands. Anyway, I find these chosen words perfect suitable.)
air: ambition, power
earth: desire, progress, career

- Cups
fire: passion, music
water: loving, intuition, empathy
air: sentimentality
earth: nourishment, home (from the water words as there are no earth words)

- Swords
fire: will, enthusiasm, courage
water: invisible difficulties, disease, storm
air: analysis, decisions, tests of the mind
earth: patience, organization

- Pentacles
fire: changeableness, skills (from the earth words)
water: temporality
air: observation, sociability, mental alertness
earth: security, grounding, health

Which suit/element keywords best express de qualities of the Robert-Hanson sun card?

Great excercise is this! I found that this card is best expressed by the cups. It was really hard as wands were close. The cups however contain the best words that describe my feelings when looking at the sun [when choosing from appendix C]: passion (wands from cups) and nourishment (earth from cups).

Select keywords that speak to you in a reading:
Feeling the sun on the skin feeds our vitality, it gives life and love, we feel confident and fulfilled. So my keywords would be joy, loving and health.

From which mode does the Sun card come?
The major Arcana. The book says: It answers the question "why". It describes the lesson you need to learn in this situation and the archetypal energies being expressed.
What does this mode suggest about its significance?
Quite important card, imo even the best card of the deck. Well, often that is, one can get sunburned too of course... The sun card tells me that it is a time to feel alive, to be passionate, and as it is a major arcana card it is not so depending on our deeds and thoughts. It will just happen! Enjoy!
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