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21 ways... step 6

Baroque Bohemian Cat's Tarot- The four of wands

6:1a- Keywords for the suits-
*water: flowing;receptive;feeling
*fire- movement;passion;daring
*air- initiation; enterprise; ideas and projects
*earth- creativity;progress;desire

*water- relationships;feelings; reflection
*fire- emotions; passion; creativity
*air- family; sentimentality; affections
*earth- grounded; realistic; stubborn

*water- obstacles to defeat; negative emotions; necessity
*fire- energy; passion; beliefs
*air- willpower; struggle; analytical
*earth- practicality; physical or environmental conditions; patience

*water- temporality; illusion; emotionality
*fire- family orientation; content; prosperous
*air- observations; intellegence; finances
*earth- security; fruits of labor; benevolent

6:1b- which suit/element keywords describes the quality of the four of wands-
*wands~fire- I feel a sense of determination, movement or action when I look at this card. A sense of inspiration and purpose and maybe a bit of daring to spice things up.
I had a bit of trouble grasping this part so I just looked at my card and let it "speak to me."

6:2a- keywords that speak to me in a reading-
*the situation; life events/actions; enthusiasm. How one might approach things or maybe need to develop the mindset of.

6:2b- from which mode does the four of wands come from-
*the four of wands comes from the numbered cards. The numbered cards tell the "what" of something. It describes what is going on or the situation, life events.
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