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I love this fool with her drum and dog. The hoop drum is often used for shamanic journeys, so perhaps she is about to step off the cliff into a spiritual journey.

Or perhaps she is pausing at the edge of a cliff, the dangers of following your own drum.

I think of the Fool as Beginner's Mind, a good place that I go to often as an artist. It doesn't mean that you lose your experience, (thus her wisdom), but that you visit that place with the open heart of a beginner, as if for the first time -- non-judgemental, totally aware.

This Fool has that relaxed total awareness and open heart, as well as the courage (I agree about the drum and courage). I love her purity, as well as her connectedness to the earth and sun through the brown and gold trim colors.

When I fist saw her, she was such a shock -- so different, so understated, and a woman. As with many of the cards in this deck, it takes a little while to appreciate the depth of the image in terms of Tarot.
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