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new insight Ludy Lescot The 2's

I made a post on High Priestess card I will quote it below,

Originally Posted by La Force View Post
Here is my thought on this card. First of all I don't like this card as a high priestess, so I swapped her out in exchange for another High priestess card that I do like ( Favole Tarot) even though the card is smaller it doesn't affect shuffling.

anyways back to my thought. I sat for days trying to figure it out, then it dawned on me thanks to a friends comment, as we were driving down the highway. My friends comment was " do you want to be a fish swimming in a small pond or do you want to be a fish swimming in the ocean" I literally pulled over the car on the side of the highway, and said "that is it, that is what the card is saying" Turned to my friend and said "thanks".

If you stay in a pond there is no growth in any area of your life ( Koi fish and gold fish grow to the size of their pond or environment ) ie: small koi pond koi's will only grow to 10" a larger Koi pond they can grow up to 2 feet.

Therefore she is emerging from the Koi pond (with lilies and air bubbles oxygen) to expand her growth, for she is leaving this pond for the ocean through the (Gate) that is crumbling down, as a sign that she had been swimming in that pond (too small) for too long, which was suppressing her growth. Her hands ( fins ) of a Koi fish.

This card links up with the MOON card as we know, which has an opposite interpretation, that your to go into the small pond to explore it depths to find the treasure.

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I have attached photos, I am still currently putting together my story, In the mean time take a look at the photos lets see what story you come up with. I will be back later with my story of these 2's.

the second photo I included the Page of Cups, both HP and Hanged man are water elements, there for all the 2's are the element of water.

IE: water/fire, water/water, water/air, water/earth

High Priestess and Hanged Man - Moon in Neptune
Sensitivity, sacrifice, healing, psychism, mission, invisibility, idealism, feeling, identity, longing, belonging, merging, Reality/fantasy, few/many, savior/victim/martyr, insist/yield, active/passive, sympathy/pity, altered states of consciousness, meditation, suffering/sacrifice is proof of aliveness, growth, worthiness, life is not real without intense feelings, changeable, moody, refuses to see realistically, distorted, displaced, self-deception, higher vibes, healer, may feel like being used, elusive, memories, rich imagination, dream life, unexpressed habit patterns

So now take a look at the four 2's, wow each of the 2's falls right into place with my above interpretation of moon-Neptune, so clearly.

2 of coin; longing, belonging,
2 of wand; feeling she was being used, memories (books/journals), victim, sympathy/pity, dream life,
2 of Swords; refuses to see realistically (look on her face)lol, rich imagination,
2 of Cups; life is not real without intense feelings, unexpressed habits,

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