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Originally Posted by cSpaceDiva View Post
It's funny how you notice new things on second viewing that were missed at first glance. The first time I saw the path and the tower, but I did not notice the person in the doorway holding a lamp like a beacon. I saw the roses, but not the lilies. And I quite literally did not see the writing on the wall. Things become visible or apparent when we are ready to see them, just as the gate opens when we are ready to walk through it.

The 8 of Swords came up for me in the 'Advice' position as a reminder to cut the negative internal dialogue and stop holding myself back. Maybe it will help me if I think about the idea that it's not affecting only me standing here, but also the person who is waiting for me at the other end.
I totally agree.
I love this card it's beautiful.
A little while ago it came up quite a bit. Then it disappeared for a while and today it returned, in the advice spot.

Did those 3 little birds just appear on this card today? They are as plain as day, but I swear I have not seen them before?!?!

I'm blown away, I've stared at this card heaps, studied the gate, enjoyed the awesome peacefulness of the scene.
But I haven't noticed those 3 birds until now. And they make so much sense to me as a key for me opening this gate! (Not that's its locked, its a matter of changing my perception.) These 3 little birds were probably there all the time, but I'm only now ready to understand their message. Not yesterday. Today.
And there it is.

"Sometimes you just have to wait until you are ready." -p121

Tarot is awesome!

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