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Replies to Isthmus & 7 Yr Stuff

Isthmus-you're so positive. I know I'm special and age has nothing to do with that, but I just wanna get to be able to do stuff. Yuh know?

I'm trying to think about that 7 year cycle thing. Let's see...I had JUST turned 8 when my mom broke her arm...and that was a pretty big event in my life.

Then when I was 14, I had the whole Chris thing...and the Mary thing. And Marching band. Hmm. I think the 7 year cycle might hold true. Ok...I'm trying to think about my mom. 25+8=33. Hmm...ok her arm breaking wasn't a 7 yr cycle thing. She wasnt married on a mutiple of 7. We might have got her suttlement money from her arm when she was 35. Hmm.

~Thanks Yall~
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