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I fear that after this phase of my life, which is coming to an end, there will be the abyss. A dark grey fear, a fear that clutches me as the figure clutches the ball.
Funny, but to me right now the ball seems so slippery, like the robed figure is afraid to lose it's grasp on the ball....

I must pull another card, to conjure this fear.
Did you mean conquer?
And what card did you pull?

Are you ok Helvetica? This sounds like it hit you hard. I'm wondering how you are. Sending love your way girl.


When I was thinking about the card, remembering it, I was thinking about songs. Faery songs. I started thinking about how some of the cards sound. And I wondered about the sound of Death.

I don't like this card.
It doesn't even belong in the deck to me.
Is this Death to a Fae-
~the loss of your wings
~no forest
~no glowing orbs of light
~no companions
~no leaves
~no face
~having to wear clothes, give up your nudity, keep secrets
~no toadstools or mushrooms
~not even a hint of what the Fae afterlife might be....just grey, robes and a dull grey orb.

So Froud says that to a Fae, and I cannot consult any of mine, they are Scarce right now, Death is this card. I don't think so. I have often thought about taking it out of the deck. It has never come up for me in a reading, and I find it so unlike the rest of the deck as to not belong.

I'm not really afraid of it, I just don't think it is Death to the Fae. I think it is Death to Brian Froud.
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