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Tarot of the Old Path - Study Group - 6 Rods

Tarot of the Old Path - Study Group
6 Rods

This card shows an older Knight, looking weary but pleased. He is in full battle armour, no helmet, and wears a laurel wreath around his neck, a tunic of red and a cloak of orange. He holds one of the Rods in his right hand, the other hand guides his horse.

The horse is also covered, not sure what the covering for the horse is called, - its in the colours of orange, yellow, and purple, tinted also with hues of red. The horse is also alert with his eyes and ears forward - maybe waiting for the congratulations that are sure to come.

This Knight has fought his battle and come through, but not unscathed, and it won't be his last battle for he is an old Knight, and maybe this battle took alot out of him but his experience and unfailing confidence enabled him to be victorious.


Red - passion, energy, action
Orange - balance, movement
Purple - wisdom
Yellow - happiness, hope

I don't have the book yet so this is just my thoughts on the 6 Rods.
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