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Originally Posted by Chrystella View Post
Since New Year's Day, I've been doing a single-card daily draw. These have been for insights around day to day issues.

Now that we're approaching Samhain here in the Southern Hemisphere and I bought Seven's gorgeous Samhain Deck of the Bastard, I'd like to focus my daily draws on ancestor work. I've never used tarot for this before and was wondering if anyone here has and could offer some insight.

I think the challenge is how to keep it simple and still keep it meaningful. Here's what I was thinking of doing:

Day 1: Draw from the major arcana only, a card to represent the ancestor.
Day 2: Tell me about a memorable day in your life.
Day 3: How do you affect or influence me?
Day 4: What is your message for me?
Day 5: How can I honour you?

And repeat through Samhain. I could end up getting to know five or six ancestors.

What do you think?
I started this today, using my Shining Tribe tarot as I mentioned earlier. I drew the Hermit from the majors, and the first thing I noticed was that it shows an astral doorway on the card, a perfect representation of how an ancestral contact might be pursued. I meditated on the card and felt a formless spiritual presence behind it that seems to want to tell me something. It's only just a glimmer of awareness right now, but I plan to work with it to see what develops. I won't start the questions until I feel that I know its intentions.
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