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Originally Posted by cirenosille View Post
Considering the nature of our world as it is now, and has been, you'd be hard pressed to find an ancestral line that doesn't contain something that needs to be healed. My original intent was to create a spread that could help discover any incidents that most needed healing within our ancestral lines and the circumstances surrounding them; it just so happens that I'm aware of one such event having taken place, but I do not have the details of the event. With that being said, how should we proceed?
Are you trying to create a spread specifically for you in this thread (in which case you already know the ancestral line) or a spread for others to use? I thought from your original post that you were looking for help creating a spread for your personal situation.

If it's for others, something as simple as doing a pre-reading reading using court cards or something could be one way to pinpoint the ancestral line. e.g. Cups and Pentacles for maternal side; Swords and Wands for the paternal. Or something like that. Perhaps, it could be done with a second deck that you've already set aside the court cards for this exercise. That way you don't have to reintegrate and shuffle court cards back into the deck you're going to do the reading with. The court cards could tell the ancestor's gender and age.
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