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The "Filicolo" ...
.., which is not a small book ...
... "is considered to be the first novel of Italian literature written in prose." Written in 1335/36 (Boccaccio 22 years old, he was - likely - already acquainted to "Fiammetta" alias Maria Aquino in Naples and had spend before already some time in Paris) it contains a longer chess scene. It's described in this article. chess&f=false

The hero wins (deciding sympathies), when he uses the strategy already known from the Filomena chess story (7th story of the 7th day), just by losing the chess game. Naturally Filomena's story (in the Decamarone) is about 15 years younger.

The story is the theme of "Floris and Blancheflour" ..
... it seems that the chess scene (which has a key role in the story) was already part of older versions.
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