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Hi everyone - I finally got my deck today!!! WOW was it worth the wait!

Anyway, I am ready to jump in on this study group now that I have something to study!

Originally posted by Dancing Bear:
I have no idea whether there are any study the pips . but i would like to know what these letters are on the banners..

2 of cups is obvious AMOR ~ MVO i know Amor means love ...what would MVO represent?

Also the other cards.
4 of pentacles looks like ABON ~ DROYR
3 of swords looks like ABM ~DROVF
4 of swords looks like ABOL ~ DROYR
5 of Pentacles has two versions i can see ABON~ DROVR & AMN ~DROVR

In the book on the first page of pips, Ace of wands it says is is the Visconti motto " A Just Right" and it looks like ABM ~ DROYR

Which one is correct and are there a couple of versions here.. and if there are variations would anyone know what they represent?
I have been looking around to try to find out some clues. The closest I found was this website:

The person has compiled alot of historical information on the cards, who painted them, etc. I thought was very interesting. The page I have provided the link for is actually the page that discusses the words that appear on the cards.

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