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Originally Posted by lunalafey
I got a report back from our job hunter. May, you saw that they would find a job but not take it. Yes, a job was found, but with the duties that where involved, it was not the right job for them. So now we wait for fall.

As for my house hunting- I'm in limbo, waiting on word back about a house that is south of my current 'position' by 11 (justice) miles on a road named 'Elk River'
River in the name is interesting because there have been times (readings & intuitional moments) in the semi-distant past that pointed to 'water' in some form. I hope that May's take on it not working out is wrong

Franniee- for your box job; I used my Ancestral Path to view the cards you pulled.

-------- -1P----------

I giggle when I see cards be so 'fitting'.
2 Majors & 3 Minors and all Minors being Pentacles; ya' know- job, work, money....

I poked at a few things, the astrological associations of the two Majors and came up with Leo. Leo is the sign between Aires (Mars/Tower) and Sagittarius (Jupiter/Wheel). So that is July 23rd to August 22nd.
When I looked at the position of the two majors (9 & 12 o'clock) this could represent the weeks, between 9 to 12, this encompasses the sign of Leo.
Numerically the two majors equals 8, August is the 8th month. 8 days into August is still Leo. And 8 weeks from when the cards where pulled is also in that first part of August. So no matter how I looked at it, it seems to point to the first part of August.

OH I hope so! I need this job right now! I feel it will win me my freedom. What did you make of the tower? I hope it doesn't indicate a disaster! I am being a little pessimistic aren't I.....think positive thoughts

Elk River sounds lovely! Good luck to you!!!
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