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Originally Posted by May
I think you will find something and then keep waiting on it for a while and then it probably will not work out.
This is true of the Elk River house. We got our applications in and all and waited. We looked at another house and met with the owner the other day as well. Today was the day that we would have word on the Elk River house and the owners decided to put the house on the market. So no go there.
BUT....when we got word, we took to the streets, rental listing in hand and drove around. A house and owner where found and he's emailing an application. If we get the move in money to him before the 4th, then we are in...but, sigh, the house is going through renovation and won't be ready for 3 to 4 weeks.

This was a bit past the 5 days into Cancer, and we will see when it is that we actually move in, it could be August 5th.
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