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The Sword Fey,and Fantasy.

I find some similarities between the Sword Fey and the Aiel clans of the series by Robert Jordan starting with"The Eye of the World".
The hero of the books"the Dragon Reborn" is the son of a spear maiden of the Aiel clans,who died at his birth.He grew up in an ordinairy village,not knowing he was half Aiel.
The Aiel is a doomed people forced to live in the desert after "the Aiel Wars" a long time ago.(so the 6 of Swords doesnīt fit).
The Aiel are all about honour,and courage,and doing battle the honorable way.They know of a prophesy that says that most of the Aiel will perish when the Dragon Reborn comes along.Still they follow him,and fight for him,when he needs their help.The strong position of women in the books matches all the female warriors in the Sword suit(and the Moon,Strength,and 8 of Cups in the deck).
The 8 of Swords remind me of the Aiel habit to serve as "gaiīshain" in another clan for a year and a day after being taken prisoner of war,or to get thir honour back if thay feel it has been lessened in some way.(only an Aiel wouldnīt have to be tied up).
(One thing that may disqualify Aiel for the role as Fey of Swords is that they donīt actually use swords themselves.However,I donīt think it matters,because they are warriors,first and foremost.)
Terīangreals are magical objects found in this series. They range from small rings for access to the land of dreams to large doorways for testing and prophecy,reminding me of the large Cups,Swords,and Pentacles of the deck.
I find this series somewhat violent at times,but someone I talked to couldnīt understand that at all.However, that wouldnīt match with the other Fey who seem so care-free.
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