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Smile Mr. Martin

I have been a 'proud' owner of this deck for about a couple of months, and have done some 'extensive' readings with it, with the exclusion of other decks I own - at least for the first few weeks ( I own about 20 decks ).
I found that I really like this deck , and that it gives me accurate readings every time.
I had been using the Yes/No feature, in addition to some spreads suggested by the book, and I am also glad to have learned the shuffling procedure, which I use now with my other decks as well.
My question is when reading for myself, and turning the cards face up, I usually make this so they come out upside down. Is this the correct way to read them for myself? Also when I need a yes/no answer, does the same shuffling technique apply to the court carts ( all 16 of them lol )? and the turning of the cards is also done bottom side up? This is very important question because otherwise it is not the right way, and not the right answers
And Thank you a lot for a very creative, and very entertaining deck. I love the I ching feature . The book is invaluable in its depth too
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